Appendicitis The Book

Daniel James, a 28-year-old engineer and recent resident of Louisville, Kentucky, is the proud new husband of an emergency medicine physician. There is nothing on earth he loves more than his beautiful wife. On one cold winter morning, Daniel goes to the hospital to get himself checked out after experiencing mild stomach pain. What happens after he enters the hospital is nothing short of extraordinary. The man who enters the hospital will not be the same man who makes it out, if he makes it out. Join Daniel on this riveting action packed journey as he learns about the hidden struggles of others. The private struggles that people experience daily will now be put on display for the entire world. This is a story of life, sacrifice, and the things people do for love.


Purpose of The Book

The goal of Appendicitis is to both entertain and educate. This book is comparable to an episode of the television show House. If you have never watched the television show, House was a medical drama in the mid-2000s. In the show patients came to the hospital with various mysterious medical conditions and it would be up to the team of doctors led by Dr. Gregory House to solve their problem. During the episode viewers were explained the medical conditions and also entertained by the sarcastic personality of Dr. House. At the end of the episode viewers were left both educated about a medical condition and entertained. My book, Appendicitis, attempts to do the same but in my own unique way.


Appendicitis will both entertain and educate you. The main character, Daniel, and I share some similar traits. However, as you read you will quickly find out that he isn’t me. He may be more like you than me. You may also see yourself in other characters in the book. I hope you do and that I have conveyed some of the emotions that you share with these characters. If you enjoy the book don’t hesitate to share or recommend with others. Also, come back to the discussion board and leave a message. Happy reading.


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